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Wool Ewe Be My Valentine?

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Joining in on KCCO to share a simple way to tell your sweetheart you love them with a wool heart! It is so simple, even children can make them.

     1. Gather a small zip lock bag, wool roving, shiny glitz, and locks of mohair.

    Gather your supplies
      2. Pull tufts of wool from the roving and lay them out on top of the zip lock baggie. You will be creating a batt with the wool. Now, continue to pull thin tufts of wool off of the roving and make a second layer on top of your first one. Lay the wool in the opposite direction. Be sure that as you layer the thin pieces of wool roving that there are no holes. You want an even layer of wool. Now lay your tufts of mohair and glitz on top of the batt. 
      Layer your wool on your bag.
    Mohair and glitz
              3. Carefully slide your batt into the zip lock bag. Add several drops of liquid dish soap and carefully sprinkle about 4 tablespoons of warm water into the bag. Zip it shut.
              4. Gently begin patting the baggie. Be careful not to ball up the wool inside of the bag. You want all the wool to be wet and soapy. Add  more water and more soap if you need to. Once all the wool is wet you may begin to gently rub the baggie. Continue rubbing for about 5 minutes. Children love to sing a song while they work.
    Rub the baggie gently.
            5.  Now begin rubbing vigorously. Rub the baggie for 5-10 minutes. Open it up to see if the wool has turned to felt. If you can pinch and pull fibers up from the batt, then you need to work it a little bit longer. 
    Rubbing more vigorously

             6.  Now take the piece of felt out of the baggie and rinse it under warm water and then rinse under cold water.

    Rinsing your felt.

           7.  Smooth your piece of felt out and let it dry. It is now ready to cut into a heart shape! You can sew this to a piece of fabric or glue it to paper and turn it into a card.

    Wool Ewe Be My Valentine?

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    3 Responses

    1. Mlissabeth

      This looks great. Thanks for the tutorial.

    2. laura@sewknitgrow

      I’ll have to share this tutorial with my 10 year old. This is right up her alley, especially since she has a bunch of dyed roving that she received as a birthday present.

    3. Lucy Bowen

      Lovely idea, I will share it with my boys!