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Three Things You Need to Know About Living with Rams

Living With Rams

To maintain a peaceful existence with your rams, there are just a few things you need to understand about them.

Gotland Ram on Grand View Farm
Peeking At the Rams Through a Hole in the Fence

1. Rams need friends. Often people forget that sheep need other sheep. They will put their ram in a field by themselves when not in with their ewes. Rams are a flock animal, and they feel frightened and unhappy when alone. A happy ram has other rams to hang out with when they are not in with the ewes.

Rams Need Friends

2. Rams will be rams…..so tighten your fencelines, keep the ewes out of sight, and don’t be alarmed by occasional butting.

Gotland Rams
Rams will be rams….

3. Rams must establish dominance. As in all flocks, the sheep establish a pecking order. A definite hierarchy exists in the ram quarters, and my goal is to be at the top. We find it easiest to maintain our position by keeping our distance from our rams. We care for them, but do not make “pets” of them. I want my rams to back away from me when I enter, rather than come toward me.

Keeping these simple rules in mind will make living with rams a joy.

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3 Responses

  1. Terrie

    After I read more about sheep, ram, goat…. I love more about them. Your rams are so beautiful. The curly wool is gorgeous.

    • Kim Goodling

      Terrie-You will have to visit one day!

  2. Sonja Loyd

    That is so true,Dominance ,its a just nature and You have some gorgeous sheep.The farm we bought when I was 6 ,they original owners were sheep farmers.My Dad didn’t get any for our farm,he said,they need a lot more attention and if you cannot give them enough ,don’t have them.It was true,with all the other farm animals I don’t think we could of given the sheep’s what they truly need.