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A New Twist to Rug Hooking

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My grandmother loved rug hooking. She always had a large round frame with a project on it of intricate patterns and colors. I inherited her device for cutting thin strips of wool fabric. Years ago, I set out to learn how to cut my own fabric. I never learned how to use the strip cutter properly though, as my fabric pieces would always fray and break. After a few attempts, I purchased a rug hooking kit and made a small pillow. I found the work slow and tedious. That pillow was my first and my last rug hooking project until…..I discovered using washed locks of wool for hooking!

Gotland Curls
Gotland Curls
A friend of mine showed me how to take washed wool and use it the same way you would use the wool strips in rug hooking. She made adorable sheep pillows using this method. With all of this curly Gotland wool around, I kept thinking about those sheep pillows and decided to design my own hooked pillows reminiscent of my own Gotland sheep.
I took a piece of burlap fabric and drew my pattern on it with a permanent marker. Then, I made a wooden frame out of some 1″x 1″ wooden strips of woods. Stretching the burlap tightly, I stapled it to the wooden frame. My washed Gotland curls would provide wool for my sheep, and a skein of indigo dyed Romney yarn would supply the background. 
Now I was ready to begin working…..

Rug Hooking with Gotland Curls
Pattern Traced onto Burlap

Indigo Blue Background
Once finished hooking, I will make a pillow with a wool fabric back and piping around the edge. 
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5 Responses

  1. Jayne Marti

    I love it – it looks amazing! Very clever idea and can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Angie Allan

    Oh wow… that is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    Angie xx

  3. Kristi Z

    I love the idea! I could use my Cotswold locks for that I believe! So when might you have a class on this rug hooking technique:)? I always need a good excuse to visit Vermont!!

  4. Högagärde

    I´m glad I found your blog. Very interesting “woolwork”, never seen something lika that. So beautiful.


  5. Högagärde

    I´m glad I found your blog. Very interesting “woolwork”, never seen something lika that. So beautiful