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A Good Time to Finish Projects

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Only one word describes our weekend weather…brutal. The temperatures dipped well below zero bringing wind chills to minus 40-60 degrees. Needless to say-I stayed indoors. Days like this provide a good time to finish projects.

Sitting by a sunny window with my cup of tea, I finished my Gotland sheep rug hooking project I shared last week at KCCO.  All that remains is to decide whether to turn it into a pillow or use it for a table top center piece. I would love to hear what you think I should do with it.
Warm tea and warm sun-the perfect combination for rug hooking.
Should it become a pillow?

7 Responses

  1. Natalie

    Oooh, it’s so lovely I would hang it on the wall as a piece of art!

  2. Auntie Creates

    I think it would make a lovely wall hanging.

  3. Carlin

    It’s beautiful, the colors go so lovely together. It would make a beautiful pillow, or even a wall hanging.

  4. Carlin

    It’s beautiful, all of the lovely colors together. It would make a nice pillow, or even a wall hanging.

  5. Jayne Marti

    I am leaning towards wall hanging too as it is so beautiful. Love your mug too.

  6. nicole spring

    Oh my. I am smitten! That is gorgeous. I like the wall hanging suggestion but love the idea of it as a pillow, too. You are making me want to start a new hobby! 🙂 Oh and your mug – LOVE IT!!

  7. Little Lamb

    Beautiful colors! I was thinking maybe a toilet seat cover. 😀