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Two Flocks of Sheep Become One Flock

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At last, today was the day that my two flocks of sheep became one flock! Since the arrival of the Gotland sheep, I have kept them in quarantine. About a week ago, the rams were permitted to go in with my Romney boys. I have kept the ewes out a bit longer though, because I realized that they too needed to be introduced gradually.

Meeting the LLama-Alaska

I have one ewe lamb, a Gotland ewe we purchased in late summer, that just could not contain herself anytime I let the three new Gotland ewes out with the rest of my Romney ewes. This little feisty ewe lamb would race around, kicking up her heels and chase the new ewes. The new girls would take off running, still being a bit skittish. With hard crunchy snow and ice, it looked like a disaster waiting to happen. The feisty one meant no harm, she simply could not hold back her sheer excitement. I think she realized that these ewes were more Gotlands, and she could not contain her joy. I finally had to put her in a small stall with the three new ones for a few days. This gave them time to get to know each other minus the chase.

Today, I turned everyone out with the Romney girls and our guard llama, Alaska. Miss Feisty kicked up her heels a bit, but did not go into chase mode, so the barn yard remained calm. Alaska seemed the most curious, and a bit perturbed at the same time. The Gotland ewes sniffed noses with her and seemed quite intrigued by her size. It feels good to have one flock again.

“Why hello! Who are you?”

“Are you here to stay?”

“Oh dear! More sheep to look after!”

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