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Re-purposed Grain Bags

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Re-purposed Shopping Bag
Shopping Bag Made with Re-purposed Grain Bag

All summer long, my son supplemented his pigs with a GMO free grain by Green Mountain Feeds. When I saw the art work on the grain bags, I asked him and my husband to save the bags for me as I had a project in mind.

The good news is- I finally found some free time to work on my long awaited project. The bad news is- my husband threw away all but two of the bags, so I will have to wait to make more.

My project…..Shopping Bags made from re-purposed grain sacks that are sturdy, water proof, just the right size, and adorable!!!

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Shopping Bag from Re-purposed Grain Bag
Green Mountain Feed Shopping Bag

5 Responses

  1. Ali

    Your bags look wonderful. What fantastic recycling. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali xx

  2. Plain and Joyful Living

    Such a great idea!

  3. Lucy Bowen

    What a great idea – it looks brilliant!

  4. Heather

    Awesome idea! It is so good to reuse the materials we have lying around!

  5. Sam I Am......

    Are feed bags now coming “plasticized”? When I used to farm they were heavy duty paper. Awesome if they come that way! My daughter gave me a cute little zippered clutch that was re-purposed that way and I love it!