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Re-Purposed Christmas Tree

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Our farm environmental mission statement can be summed up in four words:


Our sheep often reap the benefit of our desire to protect the environment and to live responsibly. I re-purposed our Christmas tree after all the decorations had been taken off, and gave it to the sheep to enjoy. The sheep swarmed the tree. Within just a few minutes, everyone smelled of pine.
The Gotlands were the first to attack the tree.

Gotland Ewes on Grand View Farm Eat Pine
Munching Pine 

The Romneys Join In

Gotland Sheep Love Pines
It is better to share with friends.
What did you do with your Christmas tree??

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  1. Emily

    Here in Mainz they have a day when everyone is allowed to put their tree on the street, and then trucks come around and pick them up. Not as awesome as sheep snacks. 😉