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Llama Ears

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Ears Up-Happy Llama

Much to the surprise of many, I loved it when my children entered their second year. I did not buy into the “terrible twos” mentality. A two year old puts their emotions out in front, no one ever needs to guess how a toddling two feels and I see this as a good thing. They have extreme highs with shrill giggles and extreme lows with clenched fits and sobs. Knowing their emotions, allowed me to tend to their needs minus the guess work.

Llamas can be compared to a two year old, in that they too display their emotions for all to see. They use the position of their banana shaped ears to reveal their thoughts. Seldom do I question the mood of our guard llama, Alaska. A quick look at her ears, tells it all.

Stand back sometime and watch-you will see how Alaska uses her ears to get across a clear message:

Ears straight up: “I’m just hanging out in perfect contentment.”
Ears curved forward: “Shh, I’m on duty, and being attentive to what is happening and listening.”
Ears held straight back: “Ok, I am slightly unhappy with the situation, but I can deal with it.”
Ears pinned flat against the back of the neck and nose pointed up: “You better take cover. I am extremely agitated, and I am about to spit!”

Ears Forward-Attentive Llama

Ears Back-Slightly Irritated
Ears Pinned Back-Highly Agitated!

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    I love llama ears…..just like a compass! Nice photos.

  2. Allison Kelsey

    So glad to see Alaska thriving! And thanks for the llama primer!