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Felted Wool Purse

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Wet Felted Wool Purse

Joining in on KCCO and sharing my love of felt making.

Felting~the process of taking disconnected fibers, and turning them into a strong, smooth piece of fabric.

The felting process begins with a web of fibers. The web consists of individual strands of wool. Each piece of fiber has scales, which open when warm water is applied. Through applying pressure, the scales on each strand lock together forming a strong bond and fabric.

In the felting workshops I hold on the farm, I see this same bonding process occur among the participants in my classes. As we work together, hands moving in unison to create- our minds and hearts unite, and we become interconnected. The act of felt making becomes one of healing and renewal. I have seen families reunite after months of living fragmented lives, I have seen grieving women pour their hearts out, while others surround them with love, I have seen active boys and girls redirect their energies into the creative process, and I have seen alienated children invited in to play with their peers-all through the felting process.

This week, I share a felted wool purse, made with a friend creating on the other side of the table from me, chatting, sharing our lives and our passions as our hands worked.

Would you like to come to the farm to learn how to make a wool felted purse?

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3 Responses

  1. Mlissabeth

    That project is beautiful, and the workshop sounds awesome.

  2. Anne

    Wow it looks fantastic!

  3. Apseed I

    Wow! It’s so beautiful! Felting was always such a mystery for me. I know how to make it, but never have enough patience for it.
    And I also wanted to comment on your felted boots. They are absolutely a work of art!