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Felted Wool Boots

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Joining in on Keep Calm Craft On, I wanted to share my latest craze. ( Rachel invited me to share at her Yarn Fanatic Party and while I am at it, I think I will share at Ginny’s Yarn Along. Ok, so I am breaking the rules a tad, these are not actually made with yarn, but they are made with wool, and had I not felted the wool into boots, it would have been spun into yarn, and then knit into something warm and wonderful. ) Now on with the post!

We all know the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker. The shoemaker leaves his workbench at night with leather cut for making shoes in the morning. When he awakes, much to his surprise, the shoes have been carefully stitched and placed on his workbench. He decides to stay up one night, to see for himself who comes in the dark of night to make his shoes for him. Much to the shoemaker’s delight, he discovers that little elves visit his shop at night, making perfect leather shoes.

As a child, I loved that story. Shoemakers seemed like magical people who could turn leather into something you wear on your feet. I remember sitting on the floor, studying my little shoes, looking at all the tiny stitches, the rivets for the laces, and the sole. It seemed a mystery to me how anyone could make shoes.

The past couple months that fascination has returned, and I have been studying shoe making. I found a lovely woman in Lithuania , named Rasa, who makes felted shoes. She also sells shoe making supplies. With some encouragement from Rasa, and after looking at her blog, I purchased shoe lasts, soles, her tutorial, and some other necessary supplies for making felted boots. Years ago, I had taken a class on wet felted slippers, and my children and I made slippers for the family, so I did not feel a total beginner at this endeavor.

Steps to Making Wet Felted Boots
Boots in the Making

The past couple of days, I made my first pair of boots. I used a wool batt that I have had laying around the studio for a long time. I think the fiber is Romney, but after seeing how it felted, I feel it must be a blend of fibers. This morning, I made a felted cuff to go around each boot, and a felted cord. I would like to get a nice button to lace the cord through. I am not sure if I will simply put a slipper sole on them, or use a regular, outdoor sole. For now, they remain sole-less. I can’t wait to make another pair!

Wool Felted Boots at Grand View Farm
Without a sole…
Wool Felted Boots at Grand View Farm
Or with a sole??
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13 Responses

  1. Natalie

    Wow, those are absolutely fantastic. They look professionally made. Good for you!Hopping over from KCCO

  2. thecrazysheeplady


  3. Kristi Z

    Those are absolutely awesome! I have way too many bags of Cotswold, Romney, and Shetland roving just hanging around….I sold women’s shoes for 15 years at a large department store….yep just going to have to quit teaching and make some of those adorable wool boots! Love all of your ideas! Hugs from Chelsea and Danby included! P.S. …Danby is HUGE!

  4. sylvia

    Wow these took my breath away ! I am a knitter , but have always dreamt of making shoes. Truly inspirational and totally my style!!! Go you

  5. sylvia

    Wow these took my breath away ! I am a knitter , but have always dreamt of making shoes. Truly inspirational and totally my style!!! Go you

  6. Lucy Bowen

    These are gorgeous – I would put on the sole so you can show the world!!

  7. Mlissabeth

    Yes, add the sole, wear them out, and make sure you tell everyone that compliments that you made them.

  8. Zauberflink

    So beautiful! I really love your boots and they will be so cosy. I think they look very pure and pretty without the sole. But then, how great to wear something so warm and lovely outdoors!

  9. Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife

    Woah! You made boots! That’s awesome! They are so cool. I would totally add the sole and wear them everywhere. And when everyone is asking where you got them you can nonchalantly say, “Oh, these? I made them.”

    I would love to have you link up to my Yarn Fanatic Party! http://philwife.blogspot.com/2015/01/yarn-fanatic-party-19.html)

  10. Emily

    If I could wear shoes with backs I would order a pair in a heartbeat. 😉 They look like the work of a true craftsperson.

  11. Christina Coghill

    I love these. I so want to learn how to make things like this. Keep on posting photos they are an inspiration.

  12. Kelly Ramstack

    I am really impressed with how amazing your slippers turned out. Wow – just WOW!

  13. Lucia Maříková

    Wow, truly great. Amazing work.