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Farm Photography

Farm life presents many photo opportunities-from new lambs, to catching llamas with an attitude, to barn kitties basking in the sun. Cuteness and the wonder of God’s creation abounds in my life, and I want to capture it all. My daughter gifted me with her “old” DSLR camera this Christmas and I have set out to learn how to use it. I will try not to overwhelm you with photographs in the process.

I purchased a book on photography, hoping that it would guide me through figuring out all the dials and numbers on my camera. Instead, I found it speaking an unfamiliar language. So I began searching for online classes. I finally found, what I think must be the best online photography course at SLR Photography Guide. The course guides you through a series of lessons full of visuals, and simple terminology. Each lesson has an assignment and “cheat sheets” to print and take along in your camera bag. With enrollment into the course, you gain access for a facebook group where you can ask questions and post your photographs for feedback. Members from all over the world with varying degrees of experience, encourage and teach one another. You also have access to the teacher through several channels as well.
Yesterday, while out shooting photographs, the girls were enjoying eating snow.
Gotlands on VT Grand View Farm eating snow
Gotlands Eating Snow

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  1. thecrazysheeplady

    Nice shot! And snow is HARD!!!