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Yarn Along – A Sweater for the Christmas Box

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The Christmas Box

A story of love, hope, and healing, Richard Evans first wrote The Christmas Box as an expression of his love for his two daughters. It quickly entered the homes of millions of readers, whose hearts were touched by his writing. Since discovering Evans’ book, I have either read the book or watched the movie every Christmas season. Last night, after doing some knitting, I pulled my copy off the shelf and began reading it.

I continue to knit on what I hope to put into a Christmas box under our tree for my husband. (the same sweater in last week’s post) I have designed a gansey sweater as my expression of love for him and our lives together. The upper portion of the sweater has several patterns running vertically:

  • Marriage Lines-indicating our nearly 29 years of marriage.
  • Tree of Life-representing our Christian faith and eternal life in heaven.
  • Five Stranded Braid-signifying the strong family bond we share with our three children.
There is much left to knit-but I hope to have all but the sleeves done before Christmas morning. 
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Gansey in Progress

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  1. Catherine

    What wonderful inspiration for the sweater. I don’t envy you having to knit the sleeves before Christmas though; too much stress. I have finished my knitting and now both cardigans are wrapped and will be going to my granddaughters along with their other presents.
    Have a special Christmas with your husband.