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Vermont’s Nor’easter

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Nor’easter-a New England storm blowing from the northeast…..

When the weather announcer uses the term “nor’easter,”  we know a significant storm is on the horizon. This week’s storm has brought heavy wet snow to our area for several days in a row. The day before the storm, the sky was a brilliant blue, the sun cast little diamonds on the snow, and a calm settled over the farm.

Day before the storm.

 The next morning, a fine glaze of ice covered the stone steps and a fine mist steadily turned to snow throughout the day. Snow piled up, inch by inch, on every limb and lamp post. By sunset, the farm lay covered in white-only a soft yellow glow from the farmhouse window could be seen through the white haze.

Stormy sunset 

The next day, trees lay heavy with snow and ice. Branches bowed to the ground, some snapping under the weight. The lights flickered all day, going out entirely for several hours, leaving thousands of Vermont homes without power.

Snow upon snow upon snow.

By the second morning, the snow filled every nook and cranny of our farm. Our snowplow, and the shepherd’s husband, worked overtime to keep the drive clear. The sheep, being hardy Vermonters themselves, still preferred to dine at their outside feeder, taking in the beauty of the day.

Sheep dine outside.


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  1. Emily

    So beautiful. Living in a place with warmer, rainy winters just makes me miss the snow even more!