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The Journey of the Gotlands-Part 2

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A modern day Noah’s Ark

I guess it is sort of like a modern day Noah’s Ark,” a friend said after I explained how my new flock of Gotland sheep were getting from Oregon to Vermont. I sat and pondered the picture this brought to mind of my sheep riding in the livestock trailer as if in Noah’s Ark, surrounded by other animals, goats, dogs, and cows. “Yes,” I finally replied, “I suppose it is.”

Some people think that our transporter, Ron, simply drove to Oregon to pick up the sheep, and is now driving directly east, to our farm in Vermont. Actually, Ron combines deliveries and meanders his way across the U.S. picking up animals, loading them into pens on his trailer, and then driving them to their new home. So far, on this trip, he has had sheep, goats, dogs, and I believe a miniature donkey along for the ride. By sharing the trailer with several farms, it makes the trip affordable for all.

Part II, of the Journey of the Gotlands, began a few days ago. Ron took about 10 days, making his way up the west coast to the farm in Oregon where our sheep lived, and then making a sweeping tour of the midwest before landing back at his home base in Texas. He needed to do some minor repairs and pick up more riders before heading out again towards New England. So far, our sheep have traveled through about 12 different states. I am hoping that they will arrive to Vermont in about a week or 10 days. When they arrive, you will most likely hear me squeal with delight!

Follow along on this last leg of the journey and see all the places they stop. I will update the map daily.
December 7, 2014-Corning, Arkansas
December 8, 2015-Picking up a puppy near Indianapolis, IN-then on to PA.
December 10, 2014-Waterbury, CT-So close I think I can hear them baaing!
December 12, 2014-The Gotlands have arrived!!! VT Grand View Farm!

If you see the sheep traveling in your area of the United States, be sure to look for a camper van, pulling a long livestock trailer behind! There just might be some Gotland sheep on that trailer!

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  1. RMK

    Going past my area in western PA, I see. Looks like I70 E to I79 N to I80 E? Unless they have little detours … :~0
    They’ll be there soon!