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New Digs for the Gotland Rams

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Escorting the Rams to New Quarters

This past weekend, we finally moved our Gotland rams, along with their Romney ram friend, to their winter quarters. We have used this area, which shares a common fence line with our ewes, for our Romney rams for years. Everyone knows the rules and knows which side of the fence they belong on. Only once did we have a ram that tried to find his way to the other side. That year, the snow piled so high that he could almost step over the fence, so we quickly added boards to thwart his efforts. Those boards, all tattered and disheveled, remain to this day.

Upon pulling the Gotland ewes out and putting the rams together, I knew that I my common fence, may pose a problem. These three boys ran a three ring circus for a few days before calming down. We put them all in a stall together with lots of hay bales laying around to prevent them from having room to back up and butt one another. The Gotland rams quickly became mountain goats, standing on top of the hay bales and dive bombing the other rams. Our little Romney stood in shock, baaing pitifully while the two Gotlands duked it out. After about 2 days, they all settled in.

As we escorted the Gotland rams, one at a time, into the new area, we hoped they obeyed the rules. Everett kept looking back over his shoulder towards the fence, as if he were sizing it up. Only time will tell whether or not sharing a fence line with the ewes will be a problem for these boys.

Gotland Rams at VT Grand View Farm
Everett and Franz 

Everett-Gotland Ram
Our Current Ram Fence