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Knitting a Gansey-Yarn Along

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I am the kind of person that does not buy yarn, or fabric, unless I have an imminent purpose for it. I do one project at a time-start to finish. You will not find baskets sitting around my house with half finished knitting projects. That’s just me, a beginning to end kind of person.

Marking off each row as I knit.

Do you remember my gansey knitting project from last winter-that I shared with the Yarn Along group? Well, that project broke that rule. I became so bogged down by the process of planning the sweater, that I became paralyzed. I did cast on, and I did knit about 7 inches, then tore back about 4 inches, but that is as far as it got. With Christmas around the corner, and needing a gift for a certain person in the house, I opened that project bag again.

Five Strand Cable and Tree of Life

I pulled out all my books (see resource list at end of post) and read through the chapters again on percentages, gussets, and shoulder straps. I felt that knot building up in my stomach again. How would I ever figure it all out? I finally decided to just start knitting and worry about each part as I came to it. At 15 minutes per round, the knitting progresses slowly, but the fruits of my labor are prevailing. Today, I reached the point where I needed to begin doing the underarm gussets, so I read up on that chapter, drew out my gusset design, and continued knitting.


With a goal of having the body of the sweater completed and under the Christmas tree, I have to knit, what seems to me, all day! At least I have a cozy foot warmer while I work!

Knitting makes Kai sleepy!

I would love to hear how others keep track of their knitting when they are working on a sweater with lots of different patterns going on at the same time. I have struggled some with this. I have ended up copying the diagrams and taping them into a book. I highlight each row as I knit. Does anyone have a more efficient system? I would love to hear!

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