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Kai, the Border Collie, Cleans Up After the Snow Storm

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This morning, Kai and I decided to forgo our ritual morning walk in the woods. With heavy snow, and fallen tree branches from the nor’easter, I knew it would be tough going along our forest path. So instead, we walked up the road. Kai enjoyed helping the road crews clean up the fallen tree branches as we went.

First we walked UP the road……

Walking UP the road.

…and then we walked DOWN the road.

Kai found some fallen branches.

Kai helps clear the road.

The longer the stick, the better.

Distracted by yet another stick.

Such a good border collie. Read more about Vermont’s Nor’easter.


4 Responses

  1. Veronica SnowflakeFaerie

    Oooh I’m jealous of your snow and dog haha! Would love to go out and play like that.
    I hope you are warm and have a great weekend!
    If it stops raining, I’ll be visiting the Christmas market again today 🙂

  2. Vermont Grand View Farm

    Veronica-My daughter, who lives in Germany, is missing the snow too!

  3. Lisa Smith

    Greetings ~ I’m a new subscriber & really enjoy your blog. Your pictures are just lovely. How helpful of Kai to clear the road of sticks! It looks like a winter wonderland where you are!
    Warm Regards, Lisa in Oregon

  4. Vermont Grand View Farm

    Lisa-Thank you for introducing yourself and for your interest in our farm! Indeed, it is a winter wonderland!