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Gotland Sheep Yoga

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The time has come. The Gotland rams discovered their ewes on the other side of the fence. Upon letting the Gotland ewes out with the rest of my flock, they quickly caught the attention of the rams. Either I stand at the common fence and wave my arms and yell at the rams all day, or we come up with a different plan.  I put the Gotland ewes back in the run in until I can come up with “Plan B”.

Sheep Yoga
Last night, while talking with my husband about the situation in the paddock, I said that if I could just run an electric wire from our 5 strand fence, I felt that after one shock, and the rams would back off. The snow is so deep now, though, that the sheep are no longer grounded, leaving the electric fence useless. My husband said he could run two wires, one that is live, and one that is grounded. The rams would have to touch both at the same time, in order to get a shock. Of course he meant he would run the wires very close together, but my daughter and I looked at each other, and immediately began laughing. Our minds went in the same direction, envisioning sheep yoga as the rams tried to touch both wires at the same time as instructed by the sign we would hang. My husband left my daughter and I rolling with laughter, and drawing little pictures, as he went up to bed shaking his head.

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