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Gotland Shawl Yarn Along

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My college girl,Anna, modeling the Gotland shawl.

For my Yarn Along and KCCO post this week, I have a feeling that you do not want to hear my progress report for my gansey sweater. It is filled with stress, mistakes, “unknitting” and “re-knitting”. So I will save that story for another time. (Just know that in the end….I did prevail!)

Instead, I will share a lovely shawl that I knit late summer/early fall. This shawl begins with a trip to Pennsylvania to pick up our first two Gotland ewe lambs.  Before loading our new sheep into our rental van, we went inside of their little farm store. I could not resist purchasing a few skeins of lovely Gotland wool yarn and  Deby Lake’s beautiful Braided Glory Shawl pattern. If I had needles with me, I would have cast on in the van, on the way home.

I love the braided front, which eliminates the need for shawl pins or awkward knots. The shawl stays in place and lays nicely. Though others have commented that they would like it to hang down longer in the back, I find it the perfect length. In the winter, I just need my shoulders covered to stay warm.

The shawl hung in our booth at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival this year and attracted much attention. I sold it as a kit with our Romney wool yarn. Next year, I will be able to sell it with our very own Gotland yarn! 🙂

As for reading…..I have had little time for extra reading. I am still working my way through Ann Voskamp’s advent book, The Greatest Christmas. Her book reminds me daily of where my heart and thoughts need to be this Christmas season.

Back of shawl reveals the lace pattern.

6 Responses

  1. Becca

    Wow, that is gorgeous! I don’t know which I love more, the braided front, or the style that covers your shoulders well (while still displaying lace!)

  2. bookworm-Mary

    I love the braided front!

  3. Taryn Kae Wilson

    That shawl is so pretty and I love the color!!

  4. Grace

    Beautiful! The braided front does look like it’d make things easier, it’s always caught my eye in other designs. Nice work 🙂

    (Visiting from Yarn Along)

  5. harknessangels

    Simply stunning!

  6. CathieJ

    What an absolutely beautiful shawl. I love the front pattern.