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Celebrating Christmas Across the Atlantic

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For the first time in 23 years, our family celebrated Christmas with a vast ocean between us. Our oldest daughter attends graduate school in Germany, and spent her first Christmas away from home. Despite the distance between us, we spent the morning with her, opening gifts and sharing our family traditions as she introduced us to German Christmas customs. I had sent her a large Christmas box to open full of gifts from family and friends. With the help of technology, we were able to enjoy our holiday together.

We are heading into new parenting territory, as we begin to enter into the “empty nest” stage.
I remember one summer about 17 years ago, watching a mother robin build her nest in our apple tree outside our living room window. She worked diligently to build her nest and lay her eggs. Once the babies hatched, she sat with them day and night, caring for them. One day, I watched her teach her babies how to fly and leave the nest. One by one, the babies teetered on the edge of the nest. The mother bird sat on a branch, encouraging them to fly. At first, they swooped low, almost hitting the ground, but soon, they found their wings and took off in flight. As I watched the mother’s love and attentiveness to her young, I felt touched by her efforts to raise her offspring, as I too worked day and night to feed and care for my little ones. I knew that one day, all too soon, I too would be the one encouraging my children to fly, to follow their calling in life, and to spread their wings. That time has come, as one by one, my children leave their mountainside home. This Christmas marked the beginning of a new era in our family~new traditions~new memories.

Frohe Weihnachten!

Sharing Christmas Through Skype-Emily in the lower right corner.

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  2. Terriea Kwong

    Very touching stage of parenting. We parents glad to see kids growing up and calling for independence, in the same time tasting the parting. I find your mountain living as a movie, a friction, a story….. Very touching and stunning environments. Have a great New Year with family no matter where you are and they are!!