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The Journey of the Gotlands

Awaiting Transport in Oregon

Our quest to bring Gotland sheep to our farm in Vermont began eight months ago. Through the course of the summer, we sold some of our Romney sheep, making room to bring in a small flock of Gotlands. Our flock began with two young ewe lambs from the east coast. These two ewes came to the farm in late summer, which gave us an opportunity to begin settling in with the breed. We continued our search for high percentage, top quality breeding stock, so we could upbreed Gotlands in our own flock. We found a wonderful farm in Oregon willing to part with three lovely ewes and two rams. We have hired a livestock transporter out of Texas to bring our sheep to us. He will pick up and deliver other animals along the way, allowing him to afford to make the 3,000 mile cross country trip with our sheep. Today, our three Gotland ewes and two rams have been loaded onto his trailer in Oregon. Their transcontinental journey has begun. 

Follow our sheep as they cross the United States to our hillside farm in Vermont!
     -November 23, 2014-Transporter picks up 5 Gotland sheep in Oregon.
     -November 24,2014-Heading north to pick up some goats in Washington.
     -November 25, 2015 – Montana!

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