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Mud Be Gone!

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Our farm has a 150 year old dairy barn. Built at the low point of the property, the back of the barn becomes an absolute mud hole for about 6-8 weeks every spring. Between the snow melting and running down the hill to the paddock, and the runoff from the expansive barn roof, water pools in our sheep winter quarters. This is what Vermonters call “Mud Season”.  The slowly thawing ground prevents the water from draining, and causes horrible drainage problems in the early spring. Paddocks, driveways, and dirt roads become a mire of mud.

After years of dealing with this problem, I finally decided to try to resolve it. This fall, with the help of a local quarry and a neighbor’s Bobcat, we hope we have rectified the issue. All it took was a 17 year old boy with the keys to the skid loader, some geotech fabric, 16 tons of stone and 17 tons of quarry dust. Ha! Mud be gone!

Geotech Fabric
Spreading Clean Stone


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  1. Anita

    I’ve lived in Vermont and know exactly what Mud Season means – getting stuck in it with the car a few memorable times for me.
    Hope your venture will resolve your problem. Good luck with that!
    Greetings from a llama breeder in Germany – I’m still working around a particular resiliant mud patch near my own shelter – don’t really want to put stones down but fear I have to at some point.