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Felted with Love…

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A young couple in our church has a new baby girl, their third child-their first daughter. Since every little girl needs at least one pink outfit-I spent the afternoon making her a nuno felted dress. Knowing the struggle of getting outfits on and off newborn babies, I made one shoulder strap that snaps for ease of dressing. A tiny clay heart holds the strap in place as a message to the new little baby: “Felted with Love”.

Nuno Felted Dress

Heart Button

Silk Ribbon Stripes
Silk Gauze Lining

Felted with Love for Elianna
Cap knit with cashmere wool yarn.
Dress made with silk and merino wool.


4 Responses

  1. Jennifer King

    How beautiful Kim! I hope they send you a picture of the baby in the dress.

  2. thecrazysheeplady

    That is beautiful!!!

  3. Rogata Owca

    How beautiful!

  4. Anonymous

    Such a lovely gift!