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Felted Clutch Purse

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Sewing onto the Clasp

My kitty wanted to help me this morning as I stitched the metal clasp to a wet felted purse I had made. Though she looks fairly innocent in the photographs, every time I pulled the needle and thread through a hole, she would reach out with her fuzzy little foot to grab my thread. I finally had to put her in her favorite sleeping spot, on top of towels in the linen closet, in order to finish my purse.

Emma thinks she is helping.

These tiny purses sold well at the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival this year. Most buyers had the purse filled with cell phone, lipstick, and coins, before they had even paid for it. Some said they were going to use them in their knitting bag to hold their small scissors, stitch markers, and tapestry needles. I think of my dancing daughter every time I make one, as it is just the right size to fit inside a dance bag and hold all of the paraphernalia for making buns in your hair. There are so many different uses for a small little purse!

Watch my etsy shop over the next few days as I will be listing more little purses there.

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Felted Purse with Kiss Clasp

Perfect Size for Cell Phones
Little Sheep Grazing