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Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival

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Take a 10×10 foot space……..

Add a few props….

And fill it with yarn!

That, my friend, is how it all begins at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. Friday afternoon, vendors and shepherds arrive to the fair grounds in campers, vans, trucks, trailers, little houses (yes, one vendor pulls a little house), and cars. They spend the next few hours, turning their little piece of cement floor into mini stores offering amazing wool and fiber products. Much laughter can be heard as vendors greet each other, share stories, and help one another. Over in the pole barn, you can hear baaing from the sheep, maaing from the goats, and humming from the camelids, as they begin to settle in.

Our new Gotland ewes.

By 7:00pm all is quiet, lights are turned out, and doors locked until gates open at 10:00am on Saturday. Despite the rain today, the parking lot was full with people wanting to meet the farmers, feel the fiber growing on the animals, and fill their shopping bags with home grown yarn and roving. VT Grand View Farm would like to say “thank you” to everyone who came out to meet us and see our two new Gotland ewes!