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Keep In Step

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Shepherd to a growing flock of sheep and an extremely energetic border collie puppy, mother to a homeschooled 17 year old in pursuit of college life and two college daughters waiting for a letter from home, wife to a busy engineer, farmer to an old historic homestead with rambling house, unkempt gardens, and old barn, innkeeper to a small bed and breakfast inviting families and couples to enjoy rural living, and manager of a home-based business with one employee, juggling marketing book keeping, social networking, and budgeting.
That’s me, with more jobs than any one person can keep up with. 
So it is not surprising that I took 10 days off from posting to our farm facebook page and an entire month off from posting to our farm journal. It is no wonder that I am chronically late when it comes to mailing birthday gifts, and paying bills. It is no wonder that my kitchen has a tub with about 50 pounds of tomatoes in it waiting to be turned into sauce for the winter. It is no wonder that my laundry basket over flows, and clutter mounts. 
The fullness of life surrounds me. I feel its pulse beating and I can not escape it. I try to count each beat as a blessing. I just ask that you have patience with me. I promise that I really do think of you though your letters, notes, and calls do not arrive on time, I really will have dinner on the table, I really will find the surface of the dining room table, and the potatoes will get dug and the weeds won’t close in around us. And when you see me behind my knitting needles or with hand-dyed yarn and silk in my hands, I am not being neglectful of all that needs to be done….I am replenishing my soul so I can keep in step.