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Morning Walk

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Ram Lamb Lays Chewing His Cud
Kai Plays By the Lambs

The air, still and crisp, hints at the coming fall months of warm days and cool nights. With heavy dew covering the plants, steam rises from the warmth of the morning sun. The sheep lay quiet chewing their cud watching my movements as I come to the barn to let the chickens out for the day. They do not stir when the puppy plays by their fence line.

Sunflowers Peek Around the Greenhouse Door

I walk into the far end of the greenhouse and make my way to the front, examining the tomatoes and picking the ripe ones from the vine. The purple pole beans across the isle sag under the weight of the beans. As I come to the front door of the greenhouse, I am greeted by a sunflower plant, bending and twisting to enter in. Perhaps the flowers do not like the cool nights and come in search of the warmth of the hoop house.

I walk past the orange and yellow cosmos in full bloom and resist the temptation to pick a handful to begin a dye pot right away. On the other side of the cosmos, the blueberry bushes stand full of ripe berries.

As I walk, I make mental note of the things I must do today:        

Orange Cosmos
1. can tomatoes                        
2. pick and freeze beans
3. dye yarn
4. pick and freeze blueberries
5. take in all these blessings and record them one by one in my journal

Ripe Tomatoes on the Vine