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A Vermont Farmstay Experience

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Tossing hay from the wagon

Every now and then, we rent our Farmhouse Suite to a family that makes their way into our hearts. This summer, we have been blessed to host several of those families who have come for a Vermont farmstay experience. They come to us from large urban areas with a desire to make a connection with the land, the farmers, and the work of their hands.

This family came with eager hearts to learn and to experience rural farm life.

Picking wild raspberries.

Enjoying Moses

In seven days time they helped stack hay in the barn, enjoyed a local sheep dog trial, walked on the trails in the woods, picked wild raspberries with us, learned how to use a gas grill, gazed at the stars, gathered eggs, toured local farms and small villages, and fell in love with our puppy and barn kitties.

Here is what they wrote in our guest book before leaving:

“Dear Kim, Chuck, and Anna,

Resting after putting up the hay.

     We leave the farm today with so many indelible memories-egg collecting, wild raspberry picking, communing with the sheep, gazing at the Milky Way and a shooting star in the night sky, watching the sheep dog trials and for Elena-playing with Kai, Aaron, and Moses. This week has been everything we wished for and more-peaceful, restorative, and offering us a genuine glimpse at the rhythms, challenges and rewards of life on a small family farm. Thank you!”
D. M.

Showing off their berries.

Hauling hay