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Waffles, Relish, and Pickles

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I do not need to look at the calendar to see what the date is today. From my kitchen window, I can see the garden. The heavy laden cucumber vines, ripening red tomatoes, and blue jewels hanging on the blueberry bushes keep time for me. I feel the summer days ticking off one by one as I frantically try to capture all that the garden has given. With our Farmhouse Suite filled nearly every day with B&B guests, I must divide my time between the harvest and tending the families who have come to experience rural farm life.

As I whisk the eggs and fill the griddle with batter-steam fills the kitchen. My kettles bubble and boil with smells of sweet relish mingling with the aroma of maple syrup and  Belgium waffles. As I stand and wait for the green light to illuminate on the waffle iron, I ladle hot zucchini relish and bread & butter pickles into the jars. The canning pot slowly fills with my jars, ready to process and create a vacuum seal on each. I carry plates with steaming waffles out the kitchen to guests waiting and then back to the kitchen to fill more jars. This will be my routine for the next few days-waffles, relish, and pickles- as I work my way through the over flowing bowl of veggies and berries.

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