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Raspberries for Kai

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Kai eats only the ripe berries.

Kai, our border collie puppy, has learned a new trick…raspberry picking. Wild raspberries abound in the old meadow across the road from our Vermont farm. You can smell their sweetness as you walk-red little gems peeking from behind the green leaves. You can not help but put your hand down to pluck one off the vine, warm and ripe from the summer sun, to eat as you walk. Kai puts his nose in the air, sniffing for the ripe berries. You know he has found raspberries when he dives into the tall grass. All you see is the white tip of his tail and the grass waving back and forth as he gently plucks each ripe berry from the cane, leaving behind the green ones for another day.

Photography & Video by Anna Goodling.


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  1. Terriea Kwong

    Handsome and smart Kai.