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Minding Manners-Border Collie Training

Moses and Kai

Border Collies have a strong herding instinct which makes them very sensitive to movement. When training on sheep, this desire to gather and move sheep is carefully nurtured by the shepherd. For a young pup, a swishing broom, a hoe cultivating the garden, a hand pulling weeds, a skirt blowing in the breeze, or a cat walking to the barn, will all catch their attention quickly. Keen on the slightest motion, the puppy tries to gather and herd almost any moving object. If not corrected promptly, he will develop life long bad habits. He must to learn to resist the temptation to “help” in these situations.

Kai really wishes kitty would jump down so he could chase him.

Today, Kai and Moses, the barn kitty had a fairly successful experience cohabiting on our front porch. The temptation to lunge at the kitty was almost more than he could bare, but with some encouragement from me, and some correction from the cat, Kai finally settled down. The cat realized that if he remained still and calm, then the puppy would not bother him. Moses kept his eye on Kai to be sure he was minding his manners.

Kai gives up but Moses keeps a keen eye on him.