» » » Farmer’s Market, Dinner Parties and Puppies-Border Collie Training II

Farmer’s Market, Dinner Parties and Puppies-Border Collie Training II

A friend invites Kai to sit on her lap.

So what do farmer’s markets and dinner parties have to do with border collie puppies? By exposing Kai to a variety of settings and a variety of people, he learns much about his world and his place in it. This early training will carry over into his adult life providing him with comfort as he encounters new sights, smells, sounds, and people.

We intentionally take Kai with us where ever we go so that he can begin to see the world outside of Grand View Farm. Not only has this been a time of learning for Kai, but I also use it as an opportunity to educate those we encounter about Border Collies. Many people do not understand a Border Collie’s need for direction, and the importance of obedience. They do not realize the strong herding instinct in them and how that comes out in play. With a little information, they can communicate with Kai, and understand his mannerisms and reactions to their body language and activity.
The first 4 months of his life are a time to set boundaries, command respect, trust, and obedience in all settings. Allowing your puppy to experience different settings and activities helps your dog transfer these skills into a wide variety of environments. This will serve you well once he begins training with sheep. So don’t leave that border collie puppy behind-take him along with you!

Kai looks intently, waiting for a command.
Photographs by Anna Goodling.

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