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Farm Dinners at VT Grand View Farm

Some people say our farm is “in the middle of nowhere,” we like to say we are on the “edge of nowhere”. Our farm sits up on the mountain between two small Vermont villages that lie in the valley. The school bus travels our road from August to June, the UPS truck drives up our road, and the locals use our road as a “short cut” into town as well. Given all of that, I do not think of us as being isolated and remote, but, if you continue up the hill from our house, make a right hand turn at the “T” intersection, and then make your first left… you will find the people that actually do live in the middle of nowhere. They live “off the grid” on the edge of the state forest. The plow truck does not even travel to their house, and they must park at the end of their road when conditions are bad, shuttling to and fro in their four wheel truck. These are the folks that live far off the beaten path.

Many of our B&B guests come from large urban areas where street lights illuminate your way, cell phones get reception, and where GPS actually gets you to your destination. To them, our little piece of the mountain may feel faraway from the familiar conveniences of civilization, as they know it. Once the sun goes down, some of guests would rather stay put and not have to venture out for dinner. For this reason, we offer Farmhouse Dinners upon request. Most of our summer guests want to venture out for dinner and experience some of the awesome chef owned restaurants that Vermont has to offer. However, during the late fall and winter months, the Farmhouse Dinner becomes more popular. The warm woodstove and early sunset, lure them to cozy up and have a candlelit dinner here on the farm.

Home-made Pasta

When cooking dinner for guests, I try to use all locally sourced foods when possible. We grow much of our own food, but I will also purchase vegetables and meat from local farms and markets. Our visitors describe our meals as “flavorful” and “fresh”. Tonight, I am cooking for a family of four. Their plates were spotless after breakfast, which makes my job quite easy and enjoyable. They appreciate fresh farm raised foods.

Tonight’s menu includes:

Fresh Garden Salad with Scallions
Whole Grain Bread with Garlic Dipping Oil
Basil Pesto with Home-made Pasta, Grilled Summer Squash & Chicken
Strawberry Shortcake

Fresh Garden Salad