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Border Collie Training III-Hikes

Hiking Big Deer Mountain

This past weekend, we took Kai for a hike in Groton State Park. An important part of Kai’s training involves exposing him to different settings, sights, and sounds. On our 6 mile walk he greeted many other hikers, encountered thousands of new smells, even met a few other dogs. Through all of this, he develops trust and obedience while in an unfamiliar place.

I let him off leash while other hikers were not around. This gave him time to explore, sniff, dig, and run. When hikers approached, I put his leash on so he could greet and visit with them.

Sharing the View and Some Snacks

Puppies extend far more energy than we do while hiking. They run ahead and then come back to check in. I figured that he most likely walked/ran twice the distance that I did. Periodically, we would stop to give him a drink of water. Once on top of the mountain, we all enjoyed a snack to give us energy for the trip down the mountain.

Hugs for a Job Well Done

Kai keeps all of us in sight while he walks, turning back to be sure we are all coming along. I have noticed that when on a new trail, he stays closer by my side. If we have turned around and walk on a trail we have been on before, he seems much more confident, going further astray to explore on his own. As we came down the mountain, we literally were able to put our map away, as Kai would run eagerly ahead turning accurately onto each trail to lead us back to the parking lot. Once in the car headed home, he fell fast asleep on the back seat dreaming of his new venture.