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Ode To a Vermont Shepherd and Her Sugar Maker

Twas the day before sugaring,
all the buckets were hung….
When all through the woods,
Not a maple was left standing without a spout or a hood.
The buckets were hung round the maples with care,
In hopes that springtime soon would be there.
All over town, sugar makers nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of evaporators whistled in their heads.
At Grand View Farm excitement rose to a clatter,
As the sugar maker’s wife -waited anxiously for lambs as though nothing else mattered!
He, the sugar maker, settled down nice and calm- waiting for temperatures just above freezing,
While the shepherd, however, found waiting more stressful, trying and teasing.
As much of her time she spent in her wellies,
Down on her knees looking at udders, back sides, and bellies.
With thoughts of who would come first, be it Candy or Bonnie or Gaia or Daisy?
Everyone else in the farmhouse thought she must be plain crazy.
She gets up in the night with flashlight in hand,
Off to the barn-with her beam does she scan.
Looking at her ewes for signs of labor or someone in need.
Being watchful and caring-living out the shepherd’s creed.
This vigil continues with sugar maker and shepherd wife,
For all this has become their way of life.
signs of labor or someone in need….
But soon the sap will run, filling the buckets- cool and clear,
Sugar maker will boil, bottle, and jeer!
The shepherd’s ewes will give birth and baby lambs will frolic, leap and cheer!
While sugar maker and shepherd will celebrate with a beer!



2 Responses

  1. Emily

    Love it. should be sent to VT Life.

  2. TT in MD

    Awwwww sweet!