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First Day of Spring in Vermont

March 20-VT Grand View Farm

Yesterday, the calendar ushered in the first day of spring while I shoveled snow from steps and pathways. I have lived in Vermont for over 25 years, so I should know by now not to expect daffodils and green grass on March 20, but my southern upbringing has ingrained in me that spring begins the third week in March. After shoveling, I straightened my back, refusing to give in to the stiffness, and embarked on a treasure hunt. Sure that signs of spring must exist, I began searching.

Clutch of Spring Time Eggs

In the chicken coop, I found 8 colorful eggs in the nesting boxes! This means that the day light has won out over darkness.

Ewe In Waiting

In the barn, I found 6 ewes with bellies round and udders swollen! New lambs will start arriving to our farm within the next 10 days, bringing new life and energy to the barn.

Green Scallions Burst Forth in the Cold Frame

After climbing down the snow steps into the greenhouse, I found new green scallions growing in the cold frame. “Nature’s first green is gold…” (Robert Frost)

Spring Beneath the Snow

Bouquet of Daffodils

 At the end of my treasure hunt, I was sure that spring really does exist despite the mounds of snow. Then, my husband came home carrying a bouquet of yellow daffodils. He must have been searching for spring as well.