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Sunday Stills- Snacks

Wood-Fired Pizza on VT Grand View Farm

With the completion of our outdoor wood-fired pizza oven last summer-the word “snack” takes on new meaning. So for Ed’s Sunday Still challenge this week, I am posting some awesome wood-fired pizza shots! 

Fresh Kale, & Beet Pizza and Squash, Spinach & Pine Nut Pizza

 Join us this summer for Pizza Night on the Farm!
 For those wanting to enjoy wood-fired pizzas on their own homestead, take our  “How to Build Your Own Outdoor Oven” workshop!


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  1. Undomiel

    I’m still waiting for the day I get a yummy wood-fired pizza in the mail…though I suppose a lot of the pleasure of fresh pizza comes in the making and eating it hot, straight from the oven. When I come home, we have to have pizza often. =)