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Leisel-Our German Angora Bunny

 Angora/Wool Yarn CSA Share
Angora/Wool Yarn CSA Share

Each animal on VT Grand View Farm plays a valuable role.
Each animal serves its own vital purpose. 
Each produces something of value.

Leisel-Before Shearing

Leisel, our German Angora bunny is a fiber producing machine. We combine her amazingly soft and warm fiber with Cormo wool to produce a lovely soft and squishy yarn. It has become the most popular yarn we offer as a Yarn CSA Share. We create a blend of 25% angora and 75% wool. I find that this blend maintains the wonderful soft qualities of the angora fiber without being too hot to wear. Angora fiber has a low micron count, its fine texture allows for next-top-the-skin softness. When knit, angora produces a soft “halo”.

Leisel-During Shearing

Every three months Leisel’s fiber grows to about 2 1/2 to 3 inches in length, and must be sheared. In one shearing, she produces about 10 oz. of fiber. That equates to 10 percent of her body weight! In the summer months, I shear her right down to the skin, but in the winter months, I leave a little fiber so she will be warm enough for our cold nights. I then pack her little hutch full of hay that she can nestle down in to. I use a battery powered pair of clippers to shear her. Though we have had Leisel for several years now, I still find that it takes me about 3 hours to completely shear her. My husband will help hold her so I can trim her tummy area easily.

Leisel does not seem to mind the shearing-she accepts her role here on the farm, and our yarn customers are greatly appreciative of this little bunny!

Leisel-After Shearing