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Yarn Along: Holistic Farming and Knitting

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Holistic Management Class

I have just enrolled in a “holistic farm management” class offered through the University of Vermont Extension Services. Along with about 20 other women farmers from Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York, through the coming months, we will learn how to write holistic goals, make decisions based on those goals, and plan and monitor financial decisions for a profitable farm. I am looking forward to networking with other women farmers and looking at our farm and business from a new and refreshing angle. The “Holistic” approach considers our values, and the quality of life that is important to us, our families, our communities, and our future.

 I resurrected a knitting project to keep my fingers busy during the class when I am not taking notes. I am using a pattern from the Lopi #31 knitting book. The sweater on the cover of the book is perfect for all of our natural colored yarn. The easy knit in the round pattern allows for carefree knitting while listening to our lectures.

Staying accountable every Wednesday with Yarn Along.

Holistic Farming and Knitting

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  1. Donna

    That sounds like a wonderful class. I love your sweater so far – it’s good that you can knit as you learn!