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Stop and Consider

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Gathering a Winter Bouquet

In the winter months, I go for a snowshoe walk nearly every day. After doing chores and tending to the sheep, I grab my snowshoes, and head up to the woods at the top of our pasture. The other day, my daughter went along. Anna is a photographer. She carries her big camera around her neck almost everywhere we go. On this day, as we headed out to the woods, Anna warned me that I may have to stop and wait, while she took pictures along the way.

Winter Beauty

Though I walk at a brisk pace, I have always thought that I take my time to notice what is around  me, and to ponder the beauty of the woods, and the white and gray of Vermont winter days. This day, Anna taught me how to look even closer. As she stood taking multiple pictures, I stopped and lingered longer than usual. I began to notice the stubble of weeds poking up through the snow. All the pesky weeds that haunt us through the summer months and threaten to take over our fields, had dried and gone to seed. They were lovely, poking up through the snow. As I walked, I gathered a bouquet to bring home-milkweed, burdock, and golden rod.

I have my bouquet sitting in my dining room as a reminder that every day we need to stop and consider the blessings around us.

Pictures by Anna Goodling.

Job 37:14….stop and consider the wondrous works of God