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Among the Branches They Sing

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Across the road from Vermont our farmhouse, a large swath of Japanese knot-weed threatens our pasture. The only purpose that it seems to serve is to provide shelter, shade, and food for the pigs we raise every summer. Otherwise, it is a bothersome weed, growing where it is not wanted, and not easily eradicated. A few days ago, my husband discovered another purpose for the knot-weed, a sanctuary for the birds. Once winter comes, the plant dies back leaving tall stalks, and revealing what was hidden all summer long. Among the stalks, he found a little bird nest, with a single egg still laying in the nest. The bird carefully made the nest using pine needles and pieces of our Romney wool and llama fiber. I am always amazed at how perfectly birds construct their nests, and how resourceful they are. Here, among the Japanese knot-weed, the bird was protected from predators, and sheltered from the wind and rain.

I have added the bird nest to my winter bouquet.

Psalm 104:12 …the birds of the air build their nests; among the branches they sing.