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Knitting in Delight

Bonnie, Bob, and Blossom

Bonnie, Bob, and Blossom stand on an old foundation to a silo in back of our barn. Being some of the first lambs born on our farm, and representing the perfect Romney sheep with dark, black points and clean faces, they have become our farm mascot. Bonnie, pictured to the far left, remains on VT Grand View Farm as one of our breeding ewes. Blossom, on the far right, now resides with a young girl involved in 4-H. Bob, standing so proudly in the center, is our resident wether.


Every farm needs a dependable wether. Bob has become our ram’s companion during the non-breeding season, and the lamb sitter during the fall breeding. His predictable behavior and compliant spirit brings a sense of calm to his little section of the farm. Bob’s gentle disposition also makes him a favorite among the B&B guests to our farm. 

Bob’s Bulky Weight Yarn
He produces about a 13-15 pound gorgeous fleece every year. This year, I had Bob’s fleece spun separately into a lovely 3 ply, bulky weight yarn. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to knit a swatch with his wool, and it is absolutely wonderful to work with! The yarn has all the nice Romney qualities that I like to see in a yarn: luster and a pleasant drape and handle. I have come to realize that if a yarn does not feel nice in my hands, then I will not enjoy knitting with it. After I knit my swatch, I insisted that every person in the family hold my little knitted sample in their own hands to see for themselves just how amazing Bob’s wool feels.

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Proverbs 31:13
She looks for wool and flax, and works with her hands in delight.


2 Responses

  1. Kristi Z

    Well, I have yet to master knitting but I did have Danby & Chelsea’s wool processed into roving and I needle felted a hat and I love the feel of it! Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Rose

    The Angora goat, Figaro, that I got from you a few years ago is my “dependable wether”. He is a love and gets along with almost all of my other goats. He’s a kid companion at weaning time and a buck companion during breeding season. Everyone does need a dependable wether!!!