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September Morning

Still dark outside, the clock reads 4:33 am, and I hear the rooster crowing. I can just see him in my mind, standing on the roof of their “summer cottage” up on the hill, neck stretched high as he beckons the sun to rise. I can picture the sheep, still hunkered down under the maple tree, beginning to stir with each cock-a-doodle-do.  My warm wool blanket keeps me in bed a bit longer, and I doze in between calls from the chicken cottage.

#3 Mist in valley

As soon as I rise, I take note of all the blessings already discovered in my day-
1. rooster crowing
2. wool blanket

I hurry to get dressed, and go outside to see the morning that the rooster so anxiously ushered in, and I count some more-

3.The mist lying heavy in the valley.
4. Steam rising off the backs of the sheep.
5. Dew covering the green chard in the garden.

#4 Steam rising

6. Sunflowers standing with heads bowed.
7. Calendula- bright orange petals shouting to the world that they are not quite finished for the season.
8. The rows in the hay field laying straight and quiet in the morning sun, waiting for the farmer to come back with his tractor to bale the sweet grass.
9. The farmhouse-quiet and peaceful.

That brings my total count to 767.
I have been counting my blessings since January.

Yes, today is a blessed day!

#5 Dew on chard                                                        #6 Sunflowers bowing

#7 Calendula                                                                              #8 Rows in hay field
Farmhouse-quiet and peaceful

 James 1:17  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…