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Sip & Stitch-A Vermont Wine and Yarn Event

Wine….and yarn…..what is there not to love about an event that includes BOTH Vermont wine and Vermont yarn?!! Sip a little wine…..stitch a little yarn….Sip a little wine…stitch a little yarn!

About 2 years ago, I began thinking about hosting a wine and yarn event at our farm. The idea came to me while teaching a natural dye workshop at a friend’s farm in CT. As we wandered through their vineyard, looking for flowers to use in our workshop, I began to connect the two together-wine and yarn. Drinking wine and knitting are both very social activities. Each one involves coming together with friends, sharing laughter, ideas, and inspiration. So my quest began, to try to find a local vineyard that would come to our farm for an event.

My husband and I met Tracy, the owner of Fresh Tracks Farm and Vineyard, this past winter at a holiday market.  As soon as we met her, we knew we had found the vineyard to join us for a Sip & Stitch afternoon. Tracy thought it a great idea and welcomed the idea to join a local fiber farm for an event. So today, Fresh Tracks Farm joined us for our first Sip & Stitch event!  Each person was invited to sample five different wines, ranging from a white to a deep red wine and everyone got to take home their wine glass, engraved with the Fresh Tracks logo.

In the studio, baskets lined the table with samples of all of our yarn. Knitting needles enticed folks to sit and sample the yarn. One woman brought along her sweater to show to everyone, which she is knitting from this year’s yarn CSA share of “Leisel”, our angora/wool blend. Others contemplated which yarn CSA share they would like to purchase.

 The center part of the barn housed a felting workshop, where participants made a felted wine bag. Each person learned how to use a resist to make a seamless bag for their wine bottle. Two workshops ran throughout the afternoon, allowing many people the opportunity to try their hands at felting.

At the end of the evening, everyone agreed that knitting and wine do indeed go hand in hand, especially when on a fiber farm!


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  1. Tombstone Livestock

    I set up a spin or knit day at my neighbor’s winery year or so ago, was a fun get together. You could add spinners to your group too.

    Looks like you had a fun day.