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My Border Collie Fix

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“Cal” On Sheep

I have been missing my border collie, Tess, lately who died this fall. All winter, I have missed her company on walks in the woods. I have missed her happy greeting at the bottom of the stairs in the morning and her head resting in my lap in the evening. I have missed her intense desire to work and to please. I have missed her tagging along to do chores with me and yes, I even have missed her bringing me an endless number of sticks to throw for her. I have missed her unconditional love and companionship.


So I called my friend Martha who has Tess’s brother, and asked if I could come over for a border collie fix. She has 4 border collies and one corgi. All five dogs greeted my car as I pulled into the driveway and led me down to the sheep pen behind the house. Martha let Tess’s brother, Cal, in with the sheep to show me what he can do. All the other dogs took their positions at the fence line, hoping for a turn.


Thanks for sharing your dogs Martha! Gotta love those border collies!


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  1. Tombstone Livestock

    Gotta’ love those Border Collies, if I was you Sweep would have been in my pocket for the ride home. Just have one now but over the last 25 years I have had 11, all great companions.