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VT Farm Show-Maple Syrup, Cheese, Wine, and Yarn

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The smell of fresh manure on barn boots mingled with the sweet scent of maple candy at the Vermont Farm Show. This annual event draws folks out of their barns for a mid-winter break from their normal routines. Last night, a gathering of farmers, families, and friends toured through the fair, connecting with sales reps, and neighbors, as they meandered by the tractors, log splitters, and evaporators.

As soon as the vendor hall opened at 4pm, the crowds sampled their way through the isles tasting cheese, jelly, pickles, maple candy, ice cream, and Vermont wine. Those passing my table laughed at my “Yarn Tasting” sign next to a basket of balls of yarn cast on to needles. Only the serious knitters lingered and could not resist picking up a pair of needles to sample our Romney yarn and to hear about our fiber classes, farmstays, and yarn CSA shares.

Cheese Samples
Maple Syrup

2 Responses

  1. Jody

    Your products and your booth look fabulous! Mmmmm…the Vermont cheese looks yummy too although the Maple Syrup could never be as good as ours in Ontario and Quebec LOL!!!!

  2. Undomiel

    Looks like so much fun!! I’m sad I had to miss it this year. That’s the problem with going far away to college…it disrupts all the little rituals and traditions that make up life as you know it. I hope you ate a maple doughnut or some maple ice cream for me! 😉