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Christmas Baking

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Guest post by Anna Goodling, college student come home for the holidays.

Home again, and fully enjoying the Christmas holidays! Grandparents arrive soon, followed by a trip to the old Tree Farm, a candle-lit church service, exchanging gifts, rejoicing in the Savior, aunts and good friends, snowshoes on New Year’s Day…Many occasions in which I may have the leisure to capture moments with a shutter. It’s good to be back. =)

Baking Christmas Cookies last night…something of a ritual, here.

Getting out the old cookie magazines…a certain brother having too much fun…
One can tell how well-used and well-loved a cook book is by how messy the pages are, and by how many places it falls open to.
No nasty fake chocolate for our cookies! Only Ghirardelli…
…and so much washing up to be done…But that’s the fun part, isn’t it?

A very few of these pictures were edited for exposure. Old farm houses are well known for having poor lighting. Especially in kitchens at night. 😉

Here’s to the holidays!

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  1. Rogata Owca

    Marry Christmas to You Kim and Your Family from Poland