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Breeding Rams

                                                VT Grand View Farm

Romney Fleece
I have asked a friend of mine to knit a sweater for me. Every time I see him, he comments on how lovely and silky our yarn feels. He says that our yarn almost feels like it has mohair in it because it has such nice luster and softness. I knit with my own yarn, almost exclusively, and though I think our yarn has a wonderful handle, I find it reassuring to hear it from someone else. 
Our small flock of Romney sheep, supply us with the wool we need for our yarn. As a result, much care and thought goes into the selection of our breeding rams. Two years ago, we purchased Jethro. He came to us from a farm in Iowa. Jethro has an amazingly soft and fine fleece which he passes on to his offspring. Now that we are beginning to keep some of Jethro’s daughters, we needed another ram that could breed his offspring. Gandalf came to us this fall from New Hampshire. He comes from a farm which uses recessive genes to produce a variety of natural colored Romney sheep. With the combination of these two rams, we hope, over time, to see softer fleeces in a variety of colors. 
Jethro paces the fenceline
With his work done and all of his girls bred, Jethro, paces the fence line looking for more ewes. He knows that our new little ram, Gandalf, has a couple ewes with him, and he gazes in their direction all day.  For the next five months we will wait, with great anticipation, for our new lambs to arrive. Please email us if you would like to be put on a waiting list for our 2013 lambs! 

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  1. Cary at Serenity Farms

    Looks like some lovely fleeces on your “boys”!