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Distance makes the heart grow fonder…

The Ewes Line Up to Tease Jethro

Jethro Woos the Ewes

Last weekend, we moved all of the sheep into their fall, pre-breeding, positions. During the process, Jethro literally picked up a fence post and laid it on the ground in order to get nose to nose with the girls. It took a few minutes and some grain to lure him away into his pasture. Without Tess here to help move the sheep, we have resorted to teasing them along with a bucket of grain. Knowing that “distance makes the heart grow fonder”, we separated the boys from the girls by about 200 yards of pasture and several lines of fencing. Jethro still woos the ewes though from his fence line. He sleeps at the fence line, eats by the fence line, and stands at the fence line…all day long. The ewes, in return, line up to gaze across the field, parading themselves up and down, teasing him. In just three more weeks, we will put Jethro in with the girls for breeding, unless he figures out on his own how to get to the girls. 


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  1. Undomiel

    Awww! I wish I was there to help! I see most of the leaves are gone – here at Hope we still have some green left, as well as the colors (which are no where near as amazing as Vermont colors!)