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The Joys of Home Schooling

One of the joys of being a home schooling mom, is nurturing each of your children and watching them grow. Through the years, they develop their own unique interests and distinct personalities. People have often asked why I have not put my children in public school, once they reached high school age. I would not trade watching them mature during their last four years of school for anything. This is the time when all of our hard work from previous years, pays off. It is the time when they launch into adulthood, taking with them their special gifts and talents. During the final years of home schooling, we reap the rewards of our efforts to educate our children.

Our youngest son, Luke, has always patiently waited his turn to blossom. (Well, maybe sometimes he has not been so patient.) As a very young boy, he played house, dress ups, and learned to rock his sisters baby dolls. Through the years, he has sat through many of his sisters’ ballet classes and piano lessons. He has watched his oldest sister’s doll business soar, and has been taken along to operas, full length ballets, and symphony performances. The past couple of years, Luke has branched off into his own world, developing his own talents. 

Luke’s First Gig

For many years, Luke has played fiddle. He has been under the tutelage of an amazing fiddle player named Marc. With Marc’s guidance, gift of teaching, and enthusiasm, Luke has become a wonderful fiddler. This summer, he played his first gig at the Chelsea Farmer’s Market. As I watched from across the green, I saw shoppers stopping at the entertainment tent to enjoy the music. People tapped their feet and swayed to his music. Some people even left home baked brownies, and cookies in his tip case. One gentleman said that he found himself lingering longer at the market because of Luke’s fiddling.
The way I see it, Luke will be an awesome daddy one day. I can just see his children gathering around him, whirling to his fiddle music.


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    Home-school kudos from Colorado. -Jared